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Adura LED Solutions has been a leader in supply chain reliability during challenging times, recognizing the need to adapt quickly and be a flexible, proactive partner for our customers. Knowing the risks associated with overseas supply chains, we have adapted our approach to ensure reliability and better serve OEM LED lighting companies in transportation, indoor lighting, and high-power outdoor lighting markets. 

 Offshore Supply Chain Risks 

PCB components sourced in China or other low-cost Asia-Pacific locations come with many supply chain risks—from geopolitical concerns and freight costs to pandemic disruptions and intellectual property issues. These factors lead to delays, increased costs and uncertainty for OEM LED lighting companies. The pandemic accelerated an existing trend concerned with trade balance and intellectual property rights security, moving many companies to actively reshorerather than take a “wait and see” approach.  

The reshoring trend had a significant impact, with 261,000 jobs announced in 2021 as direct reshoring initiatives or foreign direct investments in the US. This added to the one million+ jobs transferred in the past decade.  

Made in USA: Adura’s Supply Chain Solution 

Adura focused on US-based PCB manufacturing to alleviate overseas supply chain risks. We expanded our California assembly capacity and partnered with local businesses for additional capacity, ensuring quality and timely delivery. 

Our dedication to quality, reliability, and customers guided us through the pandemic. Our robust supply chain minimizes geopolitical and other risks. US-based PCBA manufacturing protects intellectual property and strengthens our commitment to the LED lighting industry. 

Our team put in extra hours to service our customer base. We balanced supplier sources to maintain quality and reliability while controlling final assembly. We provided quick-turn prototypes and reshored production from China to the US, with some prototypes moving to production. 

Costs, Commitment, and Collaboration 

Market changes affected manufacturing costs. Consumer electronic goods now cost 5% less than in 2003, while loaded boards and modules rose 45-50% over the same 10-year baseline. Despite the Asia-Pacific region remaining a main producer for electronic goods, risks persist. We adjusted our supply chain accordingly. 

Adura LED Solutions offers unparalleled reliability, quality, reputation, and customer focus for OEM LED lighting companies. Our US-based supply chain is resilient, and we’re designing innovative solutions for transportation, indoor lighting, and high-power outdoor lighting markets. Our ability to weather the pandemic storm highlights our commitment to quality, reliability, and customers. 

Let’s discuss your LED needs and work together for a secure and brighter future. 

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