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Best in class pCB thermal management & reliability

At Adura, our expertise extends to PCB Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Thermal Testing. We excel in catering to the needs of high current and high-power applications, particularly in industries such as Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Defense, and Aerospace. Our patented Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs) are meticulously engineered with advanced technologies to meet the rigorous demands of these sectors. These MCPCBs are designed for optimal performance, even in the most challenging environments characterized by high temperatures, vibration, dust and humidity.

With a focus on optimizing Thermal management and reliability, our MCPCBs are trusted by 100s of OEM customers for ensuring the seamless operation of electronics systems in harsh environments.

PCB Manufacturing

We offer a diverse array of patented Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs) technologies tailored to meet the specific needs of various applications. Additionally, we excel in custom manufacturing solutions, ensuring that our MCPCBs are precisely designed to suit the requirements of our customers.

Direct Thermal Path PCB Technology - Single Layer & Two Layer

SinkPAD™ PCB Technology

SinkPAD™ Technology is a revolutionary approach to thermal management in PCBs. By utilizing a direct thermal path design, heat generated by components is efficiently dissipated through a thermally conductive metal core, resulting in lower operating temperatures and increased reliability. SinkPAD™ Technology is offered in both Aluminum base and Copper base. Our SinkPAD™ MCPCBs are ideal for applications where thermal performance is critical, such as high-power LED lighting for Indoor, Outdoor, UVC and Automotive Headlights.

Direct Thermal Path PCB Technology - Multilayer

InsertPAD™ PCB Technology

InsertPAD™ Technology takes thermal management to the next level with its multilayer design. By integrating thermally conductive inserts within the PCB stack-up, heat dissipation is optimized across multiple layers, ensuring uniform thermal performance throughout the board. InsertPAD™ Technology offered in multilayer FR4, CEM, Rogers, or any other PCB materials. Our InsertPAD™ PCBs are well-suited for applications requiring enhanced thermal conductivity and reliability, such as power electronics and industrial controls.

Environmental Protection PCB Technology

EmPAD™ PCB Technology

EmPAD™ Technology addresses the challenges of harsh environmental conditions by providing robust protection against moisture, dust, and contaminants. With specialized coatings and materials, our EmPAD™ PCBs offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and environmental degradation, ensuring long-term reliability in outdoor and ruggedized applications. EmPAD™ Technology offered in any types of MCPCB, single or multilayer FR4 PCBs.

High Current High Heat Technology

PowerPAD™ PCB Technology

PowerPAD™ Technology is engineered to handle high currents and extreme heat with ease. With enhanced copper traces and thermally conductive inserts within the PCB stack-up, our PowerPAD™ PCBs deliver superior power handling capabilities and best in class thermal management, making them ideal for high-power applications such as motor drives, renewable energy systems, and power supplies. PCB technology is ideal for high power GaN and SiC power devices.

Other MCPCB Products

Adura also offers other industry standard MCPCBs and specialty PCBs designed and manufactured for customer specific needs.

PCB Assembly Services

Adura is committed to delivering top-notch assembly services tailored to your specific needs while emphasizing the importance of domestic manufacturing.

US-Based PCB Assembly:

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