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2x2 LED Lighting Modules for the Transportation Industry

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, LED lighting has emerged as a key technology for enhancing vehicle safety, efficiency and aesthetics. As the demand for advanced lighting solutions increases, Adura remains at the forefront of innovation. Our SinkPAD™ technology is revolutionizing automotive LED lighting, providing unmatched heat dissipation, enhanced performance, compact design and energy efficiency. LED lights shine brighter for longer with Adura’s SinkPAD.

By leveraging SinkPAD™ technology, designers of automotive LED lighting systems can achieve best-in-class illumination, system reliability and longevity while meeting the demanding harsh environment requirements of off-road or heavy duty vehicles.

Industry-Leading LED Thermal Management

Effective LED thermal management is a challenge in automotive and off-and vehicle applications. LEDs generate heat during operation, and excessive heat can significantly impact performance, lifespan and overall function. Adura’s SinkPAD™ technology resolves this issue by efficiently dissipating heat from the LED package to the surrounding environment.

The innovative design of SinkPAD™ incorporates a thermally-conductive dielectric layer between the LED package and the metal core PCB. This unique layer helps transfer heat away from the LED junction, reducing thermal resistance and allowing efficient heat dissipation. By effectively managing temperature, SinkPAD™ technology helps prolong the lifespan of automotive LED lighting systems, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.

Reliable LED Lighting Performance

SinkPAD™ technology goes beyond efficient thermal management — it also significantly enhances the performance and reliability of automotive LED lighting. By minimizing thermal resistance, this advanced technology allows LEDs to operate at lower temperatures. This drastically reduces the risk of lumen degradation and color shifting, ensuring the brightness, color accuracy and overall quality of the lighting remains consistent throughout its lifespan.

Improved heat dissipation with SinkPAD™ reduces the stress on other components within the LED system, like the power supply and driver electronics. This indirectly enhances their performance and reliability, resulting in a more robust lighting solution for automotive applications. SinkPAD™ technology helps automotive manufacturers deliver lighting systems to meet the demanding requirements of a variety of vehicles while ensuring long-term durability.

Compact Design and Space Optimization

Automotive LED lighting solutions often have constraints on space. SinkPAD™ technology offers a significant advantage, as its innovative design allows for a more compact arrangement compared to traditional thermal management methods. By reducing the need for bulky heatsinks or additional cooling mechanisms, automotive lighting designers can optimize space without compromising performance.

The space-saving benefits of SinkPAD™ are particularly advantageous in applications like headlights, taillights, fog lights and interior lighting, where compact and sleek designs are crucial. Adura’s technology helps automotive LED lighting manufacturers create aesthetically-pleasing lighting systems that seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s overall design.

Energy Efficiency plus Cost Savings

LED lighting has already gained recognition for its energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting technologies. SinkPAD™ technology further enhances this efficiency by ensuring optimal thermal management. Keeping LEDs at lower operating temperatures minimizes energy waste and allows for higher system efficiency.

The improved energy efficiency of automotive LED lighting systems with SinkPAD™ reduces power consumption and lowers fuel consumption in both gas-powered and hybrid vehicles. Additionally, the enhanced reliability and extended lifespan of LED lighting systems significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs for automotive manufacturers and end-users alike, contributing to long-term cost savings.

Adura offers the following LED PCB module technologies for automotive and transportation lighting:

  • SinkPAD™ – PCB for high thermal conductivity.
  • emPAD™ – protection harsh environments, including moisture, high temperatures and fire protection.
  • AduraIM™ – high-efficiency LED driver-on-board with advanced circuit design to help minimize electrical failures like reversed connections, current limit protection, open circuits, overloading and high temperatures. Includes anti-interference for stable performance alongside stereos, GPS and radio equipment.
  • High power, high efficiency – color temperature between 5000k – 6500k
  • Custom heatsink – keeps LEDs running cooler, brighter and longer

Automotive & Transportation LED Applications

High-powered LED lighting with Adura’s SinkPAD™ can illuminate a variety of vehicles, including:

  • Trucks & SUVs
  • Baja buggies
  • Enduro & rally racing
  • ATVs, UTVs and Side-by-Sides (sXs)
  • Snow mobiles & snow plows
  • Dirt bikes & motorcycles
  • Golf carts
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Boats and commercial vessels

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