LEDs for Specialty Vehicles

fire truck, firefighter, ambulance with LED lights flashing responding to car crash at night

Quiet tech revolutions integrate seamlessly into our lives, improving the world ar. LED technology exemplifies this phenomenon. LEDs are replacing incandescent lights everywhere due to their longevity, durability, small form factor, and easy integration into PCBAs. Adura has become a premier provider of custom-built circuit boards for LED assemblies, perfecting techniques, and designs for fast turnarounds. This has made them a top choice for specialty vehicle OEMs. 

Serving Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles, like police cars, firetrucks, off-road rally cars, and emergency medical service vehicles, must work safely in various environments. High demands for design changes and customization are common. LEDs’ compactness offers flexibility for diverse applications. For example, emergency vehicles use a straight row of lights similar to a light bar for increased visibility. Police cars use red and white flashing lights with blue location lights. These vehicles also require bright white spotlights for situations like rescuing trapped individuals or cleaning hazardous spills. Additionally, traffic redirection at accident scenes is often provided by yellow flashers and directional arrows. 

Off-Road Lighting Challenges

Off-road travel and rallies demand clear vision in dusty, smoky, rainy, or foggy conditions. Specialty full-width headlight bars and corner lights at bumper height improve visibility. Headlights may follow a vehicle’s bouncing motion during races. For off-road use, spotlights are often mounted on roll bars or roof-high spots, illuminating above dusty roads. 

LEDs: The Future of Lighting

LEDs have evolved from specialized lab equipment to cost-effective, customizable solutions. Their small form factor, high light output, and adaptability make them the go-to technology for all lighting conditions. LEDs use less energy, last longer, and require less maintenance than incandescent bulbs. While the transition has been quiet, LEDs are here to stay and will continue to brighten our world for generations to come. 

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