FR 1138 A

Product Highlights

  • Optimized M/P ration for biological comfort
  • Ultra-smooth regulation for dimming to warm
  • Blue-light-hazard excluded
  • Vivid color rendition
  • Consistent and uniform chromaticity
  • 5000mm (length) x 10mm (width), 160g per reel
  • Lifespan > 54000 hours (IES LM80)
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  • High-end architectural lighting
  • Human-centric lighting
  • Biological research

Module Details

Wattage W

Total Lumens lm



Compatible LEDs:


PCB Details

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Base Metal Type:

Thermal Conductivity: W/m.k.

UL Recognized

Compatible Optics / Lenses

Compatible Optics/Lenses:

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