DAISY Family

Includes 12632-A ( DAISY 4x1 ), 12633-A ( DAISY 7x1 ), 12683-A ( DAISY 8x1 ), 12695-A ( DAISY Mini), 12563-A (DAISY 28x1 )

Module Details

Wattage 5 - 50 W

Total Lumens 500 - 5000 lm

Shape: Linear

Configuration: See Specification

Compatible LEDs: 2835

Connectivity: Connector

PCB Details

PCB Part Number: See Specification

PCB Size: See Specification


Base Metal Type: Aluminum

Thermal Conductivity: 1-2 W/m.k.

UL Recognized

Compatible Optics / Lenses

Compatible Optics/Lenses:

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