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SinkPADTM is a patented metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) technology that creates a direct thermal path for high-temperature LEDs. 

A SinkPAD PCB is an alternative to traditional aluminum PCB or MCPCB, offering a direct thermal path solution for medium- to high-power LEDs. It allows advanced heat dissipation of 100x a traditional PCB.

SinkPAD MCPCB improves the conduction cooling thermal path. 

The thermal conductivity depends on the base material, and is approximately 135W/m.k for aluminum and 385W/m.k for copper. Most designs use aluminum as the base material.

SinkPAD is designed for LEDs with electrically neutral thermal pads. Most-used brands include Cree, Philips Lumiled, Osram, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor, Samsung, Bridgelux and LEDEngin.

Yes, it is specifically designed to lower junction temperatures in medium- to high-power LEDs above 1.0W.

Yes! Multiple LEDs with electrically neutral thermal pads can be mounted onto one PCB.

The assembly process is the same as for conventional MCPCB or aluminum PCB.

SinkPAD MCPCB overcomes the limitations of conventional MCPCB by eliminating the dielectric material from the conduction thermal path, providing a direct thermal path and reducing LED junction temperature.

No, SinkPAD PCB can be made using any thermally-conductive metal or metal composite. Aluminum is the most common base material due to its lightweight and cost-effectiveness.

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