Constant Voltage DALI Dimming Driver


  • Input voltage of 100VAC~277VAC
  • Constant voltage
  • Digital dimming, DALI2 and PUSH dim, flicker-free
  • Suitable for outdoor LED lighting and moving sign application


  • Supporting dimming mode: DALI2
  • Dimming range: 0.1-100%, dimming depth: 0.1%
  • Fine-tune the output voltage, write and read the address via NFC


  • 5-year warranty provides high confidence to luminaire users
  • NFC  programming
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  • Strip Light
  • Moving Sign
Product Data
Input Voltage 120-277 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Type Constant Voltage
Output Power (max) 30 W
Output Current 1.25A
Output Voltage 24 Vdc
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.75x2.12x0.79 inch
Dimming DALI2
IP Rating IP20
Model List
ModelInput Voltage [Vac]Output Power [W]Output Voltage [Vdc]Output Current [A]Efficiency [%]Dimensions [in]
ADL6H-030-IV12-DR 120-27730122.5826.75x2.12x0.79
ADL6H-030-IV24-DR 120-27730241.25826.75x2.12x0.79
ADL6H-030-IV36-DR 120-27730360.83826.75x2.12x0.79
ADL6H-030-IV48-DR 120-27730480.63826.75x2.12x0.79
ADL6H-060-IV12-DR 120-27760125867.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-060-IV24-DR 120-27760242.5867.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-060-IV36-DR 120-27760361.67867.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-060-IV48-DR 120-27760481.25867.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-075-IV12-DR 120-27775126.25887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-075-IV24-DR 120-27775243.23887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-075-IV36-DR 120-27775362.08887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-075-IV48-DR 120-27775481.56887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-090-IV12-DR 120-27790127.5887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-090-IV24-DR 120-27790243.75887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-090-IV36-DR 120-27790362.5887.58x2.44x0.94
ADL6H-090-IV48-DR 120-27790481.875887.58x2.44x0.94

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