Specialty LED Solutions

Adura delivers high-quality LED modules and drivers with industry-leading thermal management.

Why Adura

Expert solutions for custom LED manufacturing

Custom-designed LED PCB, LED module and driver manufacturing solutions with unparalleled expertise and attention to detail.

Markets Served

Versatile LED solutions that illuminate different markets

Who we are

About Adura

Adura specializes in the design and manufacture of custom, high-performance LED modules. Our patented SinkPAD™ technology brings best-in-class thermal management to any LED application — ensuring lighting OEMs can offer their customers lighting products with superior heat dissipation, unparalleled longevity and optimal luminaire performance.


What our customers say

During the pandemic, Adura worked to make sure we didn’t have to shut down—and were successful.

Adura has helped us achieve much higher success; they do extra testing, have fewer defects, and better output—consistently.

Adura is an extension of our team.

They keep on living up to my expectations.

Adura’s people are incredible. Whatever it is, we get immediate response, communication, and, eventually, the right solution.

Adura insulates us from supply chain challenges.

Adura is always accommodating. They make it hard for us to work with anyone else.

Adura provides over-the-top service. As a manufacturer, it is just amazing.

We rely on Adura. They have never missed a day, never missed a deadline.

Adura delivers quality and customer service far above that of their competition.

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